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Cодержание: 1 Maria from "West Side Story"2 Se from "Nuovo Cinema Paradiso"3 Moon River from "Breakfast At Tiffany's"4 Cheek To Cheek duet with Veronica Berti from "Top Hat"5 Be My Love from "The Toast Of New Orleans"6 E Piu Ti Penso duet with Ariana Grande from "Once Upon A Time In America" / "Malena"7 Brucia La Terra from "The Godfather"8 La Chanson De Lara from "Doctor Zhivago"9 Mi Mancherai from "Il Postino: The Postman"10 Historia De Amor from "Love Story"11 Por Una Cabeza from "Scent Of A Woman"12 No Llores Por Mi Argentina duet with Nicole Scherzinger from "Evita"13 The Music Of The Night from "The Phantom Of The Opera"14 Sorridi Amore Vai from "Life Is Beautiful"15 L'amore E Una Cosa Meravigliosa from "Love Is A Мапу-Splendored Thing"
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