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Диски упакованы в Jewel Case и вложены в картонную коробку.Издание содержит:CD 1: Bob Marley. The InterviewThe man responsible for introducing reggae to the world at large, Bob Marley was also a cultural icon, a revolutionary figurehead and a political peacemaker - he'd rarely say no to a bit of puff as well, making him champion of the legalise marijuana campaign. But in the years prior to his death, Marley had risen to become one of the most successful recording artists in the world, a trend that has continued ever since, as each new generation discovers his remarkable music and the power of the message it contains. Bob Marley - The Lowdown is a two CD set celebrating Marley's tragically short life, and his enduring legacy. Containing a spoken word-biography documenting the story of how Bob achieved near mythical status, and a disc of ultra-rare interviews with the man himself. Always charming and fascinating in equal measure, in these recordings Marley offers a unique insight into his religious, political and philosophical beliefs, as well as shedding light on the incredible music he has left behind. Completed with the collector in the mind and featuring deluxe slipcase packaging, booklets, rare colour photographs throughout, and a mini fold-out poster, this set is a must have item for every Bob Marley fan in existence.CD 2: Maximum Bob Marley. The Unauthorized Biography Of Bob Marley Диск упакован в Jewel ...

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