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Chris Rea is one of Britain's leading guitarist and singer songwriters, and has sold over 20 million albums. He has penned such classics as Let's Dance, On the Beach, Road to Hell and Josephine. Two years ago he suffered from a life threatening illness that nearly put an end to all that musical prowess. He promised himself, there and then, that if he pulled through he would make the blues album that he had wanted to create throughout his career. This DVD includes an amazing in-depth documentary covering this period of his life and features exclusive concert footage as well as an interactive gallery of painting that Chris has produced during the making of the remarkable "Stony Road". DVD 1: 75 Minute Documentary20 Minute Exclusive Concert Footage From Cologne And InterviewsPlus Chris Rea's Gallery Of Paintings DVD 2: 23 Minute Exclusive Concert Footage From Chris Rea At The Montreux Jazz Festival 2002

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