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This book is an attempt to propose new directions for Christian theology in India in the present context of globalization and militant Hindu nationalism. In recent years, Christians have been the target of violent attacks by militant Hindu nationalists. Critically analyzing the history of Christianity and militant Hindu nationalism in India, this book contends that militant Hindu nationalism originated in the context of Western colonialism, which brought about a crisis of religious, cultural, and national identity among Hindus. Moreover, contemporary globalization is perceived as recreating “colonization-like” situations, only now at a staggering speed and on a global level.The contemporary attacks on Christians by militant Hindu nationalists must be understood within the dynamics of globalization. The Church in India needs to respond to this crisis. The author proposes that through a renewed theological initiative based on the three traditional areas of focus of Indian theology – inculturation, interreligious dialogue, and social justice - the Church can become genuinely Indian and address the crisis arising from globalization and militant Hindu nationalism.

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