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DVD:01. The Boys Are Back In Town 02. Don't Believe A Word (Live) 03. Dancing In The Moonlight (Live) 04. Rosalie (Live) 05. Waiting For An Alibi 06. Do Anything You Want To Do 07. Sarah 08. Chinatown 09. Killer On The Loose 10. Thunder & Lightning (Live) 11. Bad Reputation (Live) 12. King's Call 13. The Rocker 14. With Love 15. Dear Miss Lonely Hearts 16. That Woman's (Live) 17. Johnny The Fox 18. Wild One 19. Whiskey In The Jar (TOTP 1.2.73) Picture Format: NTSC 4x3 Format: DVD-9Time: 55 mins. Color Mode: Color Region Code: 0 (All)Language And Audio Content: English / Dolby Digital 2.0 Subtitles: No

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